whom should we vote

politics is in my blood  say many politicians. Even I feel like saying so, but when i look at today’s politicians , I feel ashamed.
Being a politician in today’s India is not to serve our people,but help ourselves.
Today’s politician is communal,caste supporter,so called secular.Most of all power hungry.
In the name of being secular, they fool people not once but all the time.
What have these so called secular politicians done to bridge the gap between rich and poor?
All religions tell we are humanbeings first, but politicians divide our country into different religions.
For all so called secular politicians I want to ask only one thing .Is it wrong to say that YOU ARE A HINDU?because i feel that the moment Isay that Iam a hindu iwill becallled a communal.
I am communal in their eyes but I have respect for parsis,sikhs,jains, budhdhists, christians, muslims and any other person who belongs to any religion.
Earlier our country was divided by caste. Now our politicians have broadened the divide instead of trying to bridge the gap they are widening it.
I lived in a house hold with gandhi ideology, and admired it. Wore khadi for half of my life
did my work and also tried to help the needy without seeing their religion,caste creed.
I feel ashamed when I see our politicians fearing their life, having Z,Y,x securities and a big cavalcade of cars.Traffic on the road comes to a halt whenever a VIPor VVIP has to pass through a road.
Did our ancestors,our forefathers who were freedom fighters ever got frightened of terrorists or attacks?
They died bravely facing the bullets.Where are such brave politicians for whom DESH<BHARAT<HINDUSTAN was more important than their kith and kin.

The moment elections get over politicians start horse trading, buying partners, garnering support from their enemies . what should people of this country do?


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Ever since I read ” Dreams from my father”, I became a fan of Barack Obama,
I was overjoyed when he started his white race. His winning each primary made me happy and loosing  one sad.I was told that Election is different ,difficult and winning an election that too in US is just a mirage . I always hoped that there will be change in voting pattern which obama promised .He told people to vote for a change , change for a better future. My son told me you are mesmerised by his speech. People don’t listen to what a person is speaking . I was also told Why I was interested in politics of a country whose policies I disagree on many occassions. I agree.
I was also rebuked saying being a woman , How can you not support a woman candidate.
My answer was , if anyone else other than Hillary stood for the race may be I would have supported her. In India ,many politicians pass on their candidacy to their wives or daughters when it is reserved for a woman or when they have to leave their post for various reasons, it can be like Rabdi devi getting chiefministership of Bihar when Laluprasad can function from jail or home working as proxy.In India we see politicians passing on their mantle to their kith and kin.

America had kennedy’s and Bush senior and junior.No wives till now trying their luck
for their entry to white house.But I swear I felt it’s like Indian politics ,when a wife tries to fight elections , I felt it will be Bill clinton trying to enter the White House through backdoor. Sorry, Hillary, that’s the reason I did not support you. You are different
,living in a different country, with people who also thinkk differently.Voting pattern of America is different, I know how hard you have worked, because I watched each primary with enthusiam , This for the first time.I was dejected when Hillary won  and elated when obama won.

In North carolina , after obama won,he said ,”We can choose not to be afraid..this time can be different from all the rest.”I hope there will be a change this time and my dreams will come true,they have not passed on to me by my parents, they wanted me to be something else and I turned something else.

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Udviksha(to look upwards)

Main beneficiery of one's good deed and main victim of every harmful work is one's own self. Some people hate Hindu gods and also those people who worship those gods. This religion gives a person to worship in many forms. A hindu can choose to worship a devi, Rama, Krishna, and Shiva. He can be so choosy that he can say that he does not believe in any form of god. Nirguna, shunya, anant, brahmand. No other religion I feel is so adjusting. No other religion has so many flexible paths to reach the truth, the ultimate truth that's the universe of which we are also a part, a small bindu. an atom. panch tatva exist in almost all living beings. Man has tried to prove that he is superior than all other living beings, I feel in trying to prove his excellence and superiority he has invented religion. Religion has become his biggest enemy. It has given birth to many wars. from the time of vedas, Mayans, Greeks, Romans, Persians, Buddhists, Jains, Moses, Christ, Muhammed paigamber, man has tried to show that he's great by trying to hurt other's feeings. He has also gone to the extent of trying to force his views on others by adopting violent methods.

Some people hate Hindu gods, they also hate those who worship them, they jump at any small occasion to criticise and insult these people and their sentiments. These very same people waste no time in passing a judgement or comment or go to the extent of passing
an order to insult or hurt their feelings. Such people call themselves secular and fight for
the rights of Muslims and Christians. If Hindu gods are ridiculed and hindus protest than hindus are called fanatics. Any insult imparted on Islam or Christianity by believers in their very faith is not tolerated upon. Hindus are branded as fanatics, casteists, oppressionists.etc.

I was hurt when i read Naipaul, his hatred for hindus exhibited in his book, surprised me. Could he find any other religion with out any faults. All religions practised in present day have a darker side to it. There are so many divisions in each religion, the purpose for which they had been propagated has been lost. Christ would be surprised if he has to take birth again to see what his followers are doing. Love thy neighbour – this slogan has disappeared out of Bible for many a christians. Allah would look down to see Sunnis and Shias fighting with each other, and imagine how much hurt he would be.

All religions have thought of one way to bring peace on this planet. They feel their religion is superior ,so they try to convert as many people as possible . It looks as if god cannot be reached unless and until we hold the finger of any religion. Christians are converted to hinduism, they are taught yoga, pranayama, nama sankirtana.They are made to believe that they will get Nirvana since they have adopted Hinduism. Ask a true ascetic and he will laugh. Same way many Hindus have converted to Christianity or Islam. Indonesia which was once upon a Hindu nation, turned to Buddhism and now it is an Islamic state. Naipaul writes about dilemma which exists in the minds of these people. Assam has more christians than tribals. Tribal regions of world over have been converted to christianity. Whether it's India or Africa, Crows are always black everywhere.

One thing that hurts me is the way in which these converts are treated. They are looked down by those who have converted before them. It's like Americans who had once upon a time shifted from Europe (England, Spain, Portugal, France and such countries ) calling present immigrants outsiders. It reminds me of caste war of Hindus. It's nothing but a fight between haves and have-nots .

Each village I travel to after a gap of certain years, surprises me by two glaring things…

  • A church in a Palatial building constructed by money from?(you know) for sunday service. A school adjoining the church, (don't ask me how much they charge for the education they impart). The sunday service is accompanied by a mutton or chicken pulao…
  • A mosque- a green coloured minaret, tiled, illuminated, shining, stunning, structure to call allah and the people for rendering their namaz. They are also centres of learning. Only a moulwi can decide what he has to teach there.

This is just not this much. It is also not what meets our eyes. We also happen to see the huts and small one room tenements surrounding these magnificent structures. A dalit hindu has now become a dalit Christian. An OBC(Other Backward Class like barber, tailor, dhobi etc.) has become an OBC Muslim. Those who have become slightly rich and educated among these converts rule over the new entrants. The target for conversion is almost always a poor. Poor people from any country the world over have to forget their tribal gods, their ancient rituals, buddhist practices because they are now either Muslims (courtesy oil money from gulf) or christians (courtesy the richest vatican). Though both religion started from one lineage, they are now enemies,they also don't like to see the prosperity of the other. People who have converted face a great dilemma in times of distress. They aren't totally accepted by the new religion and their birth-time beliefs don't leave them. They spend their hard earned money for coming out of this grief, in doing so they earn the wrath of their gods and priests.

The other day I saw a small girl being scolded for not wearing a bindi, while going out or attending a religious function. My friend,a music teacher loved to give bangles and bindis to her disciples on Dasera as blessing from a guru. She told them to make it a point to wear it atleast when they attended her class. I also took pity on a small girl stealing a packet of bindi and hiding it from her mother. Counter girl's complaint turned into a sour incident for the girl. She was beaten up there by none other than her mother. "We are muslims and we should not wear these things." What does a small girl know? Is she not fascinated by film heroines and her friends adorning their foreheads with glittering fake diamonds? What crime has she committed by living in a way she likes to. Religion has divided and hurt the sentiments of the future generations. Who will give a solution for their confusion?

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I have to wait for alot lot more time to learn . first i had to wait to learn how to start a computer.then came the problem of mail, search and open an account for writing a post.
That's why i thought to name my blog"pratiksha".
life is a long wait.wait for our wishes to take shape, get a name.
each morning I wait for the sun's rays to wake me up. wake up my world.
The plants which wait for me to provide water, wait also for the first rays of the sun
to prepare their food. My sons used to tell a poem " In the heart of a seed ,
buried deep oh!so deep,
A small little plant lay
fast asleep……"
I used to like their poem, then when they grew up they enjoyed watching every new
leaf,every new flower a plant had borne.
My love for plants grew with them .They promised their school's swamiji(poorna prajna)
that they will plant a tree every year.They forgot what they promised, but I remember the oath
till this day and plant one or two trees where ever I can. I feel bad when i see someone
cut a tree which does not come in their way.
I get scoldings from my near and dear ones whenever i buy a new plant, they get angry when
I am out of town and i request them to water them.
life is a long wait.
we all wait for years to give shape to our dreams, they sometimes never materialise.
just like some plants which even after being given so much of love,care,water,manure,witheraway.

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hi! long long wait is now over . iam atleast able to write a blog . life is a long pratiksha . isn't it? we always have to wait for each and everything . wait for a good school, college, job, life partner,success and finally a peaceful existence. the wait lasts till the last breath of our life. when we breath our last we may be waiting to unite with that unknown entitywhom people call by so many names .

I too start my day with a wish that it turns out to be a day of surprises .

Iwait to see the sun spread its light on all the souls of this world , unexplained joy is brought about by day break, birds start their chirping,flowers start spreading their sweet fragrances,leaves open up,we living beings start what we call our day.

we wait to get our first trickle of water , .water decides our existence on this earth.chennai has taught its citizens importance of water. people who have access to it waste it and those who don't use it sparingly,miserly.save save it for the future. that's what people talk.

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