whom should we vote

May 15, 2009 dakshina

politics is in my blood  say many politicians. Even I feel like saying so, but when i look at today’s politicians , I feel ashamed.
Being a politician in today’s India is not to serve our people,but help ourselves.
Today’s politician is communal,caste supporter,so called secular.Most of all power hungry.
In the name of being secular, they fool people not once but all the time.
What have these so called secular politicians done to bridge the gap between rich and poor?
All religions tell we are humanbeings first, but politicians divide our country into different religions.
For all so called secular politicians I want to ask only one thing .Is it wrong to say that YOU ARE A HINDU?because i feel that the moment Isay that Iam a hindu iwill becallled a communal.
I am communal in their eyes but I have respect for parsis,sikhs,jains, budhdhists, christians, muslims and any other person who belongs to any religion.
Earlier our country was divided by caste. Now our politicians have broadened the divide instead of trying to bridge the gap they are widening it.
I lived in a house hold with gandhi ideology, and admired it. Wore khadi for half of my life
did my work and also tried to help the needy without seeing their religion,caste creed.
I feel ashamed when I see our politicians fearing their life, having Z,Y,x securities and a big cavalcade of cars.Traffic on the road comes to a halt whenever a VIPor VVIP has to pass through a road.
Did our ancestors,our forefathers who were freedom fighters ever got frightened of terrorists or attacks?
They died bravely facing the bullets.Where are such brave politicians for whom DESH<BHARAT<HINDUSTAN was more important than their kith and kin.

The moment elections get over politicians start horse trading, buying partners, garnering support from their enemies . what should people of this country do?


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